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Games I have worked on

These are games I have worked on as a designer, a producer, or a mixture of both. This includes my work at Curse Box Studios (my own company) and as a contractor at Globant.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

DC Legends (July 2022 - April 2023)

DC Legends is a Role-Playing Gacha mobile game launched in 2016 where players collect and form teams of Super-Heroes and Super-Villains from across the DC Universe, to participate in PVE challenges and compete in PVP against other players around the world.

Pablo joined the team as a Live Ops Game Designer creating monthly content for the game, including Designing and Implementing Characters and Events (using the project proprietary tools).

Pablo found a great opportunity to apply his storytelling skills (gained from his own visual novel and narrative gaming projects) on the Super Hero Challenges, an event where the new free characters are given some sort of narrative presentation on the game.

Pablo used this to create a cohesive narrative that spans multiple months worth of events, instead of disconnected one-off stories.

Eyes Over Us (2021-2022)

This is an experimental game with a procedurally generated narration that chooses between different events and modifies the mental state and health of the characters based on that. The player can only influence the actions of the characters and not directly control them. Pablo was in charge of the writing and game design. This project was released in August 2022 to good critical reception

An octopus like creature mixed with a centepide
An anime girl with black and white hair representing the sport of chess holding a ball with a mostache and a bowtie blushing

My Dream Sport Dating Simulator (2019-2021)

The second visual novel Pablo worked on. He tried a different approach on the design giving it an open nature of the progression of the story as well as random events that provided bonuses or debuffs to different characters. Paired with the bizarre story, this element contributes to creating an out of the ordinary experience for the genre.

Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator (2017-2018)

Pablo wrote the story and created the mechanics for this game, using the scripting system of the Renpy engine. In this project he worked alongside a publisher that helped incorporate changes into the product to better fit the visual novel market, which was new territory for the company at the time. The game is currently one of the most critically and commercially successful games of Curse Box.

Helicopters and an anime girl representing an helicopter
A bearded man head being crushed by a monster, blood splating everywere

Bleeding Border (2014-2015)

A 3D survival horror game made in Unity. The first commercial project Pablo worked on, designing levels, enemies and mechanics. Published on Steam through its Greenlight program. Later the steam rights were sold to the publisher Volens Nolens Games, but Curse Box Studios retained all the rights over the IP and releases in other platforms.

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